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Skills for Logistics

Zone 2 – Types of Logistics Operations


Broadening knowledge, improving skills and experience of members in efficient transport management in all modes of transport. IoTA is a professional membership organisation that represents individuals and firms within all spheres of the transport industry in both the United Kingdom and overseas.  

Institute of Transport Administration

Best Practice, advice and information on all business and courier matters.  The Despatch Association is a trade association which exists to protect the interests of its members whilst raising the profile of the courier industry nationally. 

The Despatch Association
Legal representation and advice, research, journals and information, education and health and safety services for members. The union also offers a unique support service to professional drivers.


Negotiating, campaigning and lobbying on behalf of workers in the road haulage, distribution and logistics sector. URTU is a non-political organisation that aims to improve pay and working conditions throughout the industry.

United Road Transport Union
 A worldwide directory of logistics resources on the internet. The Directory offers service and contact information from various companies and organizations in the transportation, logistics, and supply chain industry

Logistics World

A forum for co-operation on logistics issues within Europe. A federation of  30 national organisations in Europe

European Logistics Association

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