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Skills for Logistics

Transport Qualifications

This section contains the National Occupational Standards, Qualifications and Apprenticeship frameworks relating to freight transport, including driving, traffic office and food safety in transport.

National Occupational Standards (NOS)

The NOS for each qualification has been reviewed and revised in 2009 and now incorporate the Carry and Deliver Goods NOS.


Qualifications & Credit Framework (QCF)

These qualifications are available in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and replace the previous NVQs. There are four pathways for Driving Goods Vehicles(DGV) reflecting vehicle type; Cycle, Van, Rigid, Articulated and Drawbar.


Scottish Credit & Qualification Framework

These qualifications are available in Scotland and include SVQs. The revised SVQ for DGV will only have one pathway.



Apprenticeships are available throughout the UK. However, currently there is no apprenticeship available for Food Safety. Both the current and archive frameworks can be found in the Apprenticeships section of this website. 
A revised Apprenticeship will be developed in Scotland using the new SVQ.

Driving Goods Vehicles

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Food Safety

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Traffic Office

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