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Skills for Logistics


Please click on the orange boxes below or the menu on the left to find the new Specification of Apprenticeship Standard for Wales (SASW) compliant frameworks and associated documents. If you have any questions or queries relating to these frameworks please contact [email protected]


Click here to download the Employee Rights & Responsibilities Workbook, which will assist Apprentices in completing the QCF Award required in all the frameworks.

Click here to download the Certificate Request Form for all these frameworks. NOTE: these certificates will cost £30 each.


NOTE CONCERNING KEY SKILL PROXYS : The  ‘old’ list of proxys such as adult literacy & numeracy or GCSE Maths/English Grade D-G that could be used in place of the Key Skill test in the old blueprint frameworks CANNOT be used for Apprentices registered on the new SASW frameworks. There are NO alternative qualifications that can be used in place of the Essential Skills.


Commercial Moving

find out (quals)

Logistics Operations

Logistics ops

Warehousing & Storage

Warehousing & Storage

Driving Goods Vehicles


Mail  and Package Distribution

Mail services

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

International Trade


Traffic Office

Traffic Office