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Skills for Logistics


Please click an area on the map below or on the menu to the left to access the new SASE/SASW Apprenticeship framework documents or Scottish Modern Apprenticeship framework documents for the logistics sector. For old ‘blueprint’ frameworks please click on the ‘Apprenticeship Framework Archive’ on the menu to the left. 


IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR TRAINING PROVIDERS IN ENGLAND – PLEASE READ: Due to the Apprenticeship, Schools and Children Act 2009 (ASCL  Act), which was enacted on the 6th April 2011, Apprentices who completed their Apprenticeship on or after 13th April 2011 must now apply for their own certificates. This applies to both the old blueprint frameworks and the new SASE frameworks. In order to find and download the appropriate forms please click on the Apprenticeships in England tab for the SASE frameworks or on the Apprenticeship Framework Archive tab for the old frameworks – both can be found in the menu on the left