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Skills for Logistics

Zone 2: Modes of Transport


Information on regulation, research and Government initiatives on the freight logistics industry. The DfT also manages initiatives such as freight grants to encourage the transport of freight by rail or water rather than by road.  

Department for Transport
Fleet Safety Forum and road safety education for all road users.  BRAKE cares for people who are bereaved or affected by serious injury in a road crash and campaign for improvements to road safety.

Information, seminars and training on compliance issues. Establishing performance standards and good practice to advance the performance of companies moving goods by road, rail, sea and air. Representation of the transport interests of members.

Freight Transport Association
Information, advice and cost effective rail solutions for freight. RFG represents the views of its members at all levels.

Rail Freight Group
Advice to members on all aspects of running a compliant and profitable road transport operation.  The RHA also offers training and tailored business services for the haulage industry.

Road Haulage Association

Driver development training that combines classroom and on-the-road tuition on accident prevention and reduction and fuel efficient driving.  The content covers driving techniques such as better use of gears, keeping correct distances to avoid hard braking, and an overall awareness of fuel economy and road layout.

Promoting water as a commercially and environmentally sustainable mode of freight transport in the United Kingdom. Freight by Water’s primary objective is to achieve modal shift and to move freight off the roads and onto water.
The organisation is financially supported by the Department for Transport and the water-freight industry through membership subscriptions and sponsorship

Freight by Water
Best Practice, advice and information on all business and courier matters.  The Despatch Association is a trade association which exists to protect the interests of its members whilst raising the profile of the courier industry nationally.
Despatch Association

A collection of the international websites in the transportation, logistics, and supply chain industry. Links to air, rail, sea, and land transport and logistics. There are also links to general topics in supply chain management



JAUPT manage the approvals process for Periodic Training centres and courses. JAUPT supports training providers or operators who wish to become approved to deliver Periodic Training. This includes operators who wish to deliver Periodic Training to their own employees.

Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training

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