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Skills for Logistics

International Trade

This section contains the National Occupational Standards, Qualifications and Apprenticeship frameworks relating to International Trade.


In 2009/2010 a review of Skills for Logistics National Occupational Standards was carried out to ensure they remained fit for purpose.

A number of changes were made to these NOS which included renumbering and presentation.

These NOS were then used to underpin our revised qualifications for the sector. 

QCF Qualifications

These qualifications are available in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and replace the previous NVQs.   


SCQF Qualifications

These qualifications are available in Scotland and include SVQs.



Apprenticeships are available throughout the UK. Both the current and archive frameworks can be found in the Apprenticeships section of this website. 
Revised Apprenticeships will be developed in Scotland using the new SVQ’s.

International Trade & Logistics Operations

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