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Skills for Logistics

Maritime Occupations Apprenticeship

NEW – two Level 3 pathways called Merchant Navy (Deck) and Merchant Navy (Engineering) have been added to this framework in July 2012.


The framework will provide a structured programme of learning and practical experience with an emphasis on safety. It will provide the opportunity to undertake a variety of job roles depending on the pathway chosen. These could include assisting on the bridge or in the

engine room of a vessel, hauling and storing the fishing catch, helping to load/unload cargo or passengers, operating port plant and lifting equipment and carrying out various duties on deck and in the engine room, on the quay, in warehouses and terminals with their associated

systems. The sector has an aging workforce, which means that there are an increasing number of opportunities for new entrants. However it must be recognised that the workplace environment can be unpredictable and dangerous as well as exciting. This framework, for the first time, provides clearly signposted routes into the Maritime sector, which lead to a either a recognised Level 2 or level 3 qualification that will open up a range of further progression opportunities.