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Skills for Logistics
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The role of The Alliance is to Promote understanding of the role of SSCs within the skills system across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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BAR aims to be the recognised voice of the professional moving industry, to provide a comprehensive range of essential services to its members, and to be the guardian of professional standards for the benefit of its members and their customers.

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The RHA provides dedicated campaigning, advice, information and business services specially tailored for the haulage industry.

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The FTA represents the transport interests of companies moving goods by road, rail, sea and air. FTA members operate over 200,000 goods vehicles. In addition, they consign over 90 per cent of the freight moved by rail and over 70 per cent of sea and air freight.



BIFA aim to provide effective representation and support for Britain’s freight services industry and promote best practice and total quality in the provision of freight services by all members.



UKWA aim to protect the interests and represent the views of the third party logistics sector at the local, national and international level, and to promote best practice among UKWA membership.


Van Best practice Logo

The Van Best Practice Programme helps van users to save money by improving the operational, environmental and safety performance of their vans.

Van Best Practice offers free advice to businesses of all sizes on how they can change the way they run their vans to reduce fuel costs, running costs and CO2 emissions.