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Skills for Logistics

Our Mission

"Enable employers in the logistics sector to
gain competitive advantage by developing
workforce skills"

Our Vision

"A more productive and efficient low
carbon UK Logistics sector, enhancing UK
competitiveness in the global marketplace"

Our 2010-13 Business Plan, explains how our mission & our core remit as a Sector Skills Council will be delivered through five strategic goals which are:

Goal 1: We will increase sector and public investment in training
Goal 2:
We will produce relevant and fit for purpose skills development solutions
Goal 3:
We will be a credible and respected voice in the sector on skills development and related policy issues
Goal 4:
We will ensure that employers can benefit from the workforce skills that will increase business efficiency and contribute to meeting UK carbon reduction targets
Goal 5:
We will strive to be regarded by employers and stakeholders as a high performing Sector Skills Council.


Our strategic plans were validated through a consultation of one hundred and fifty employers, public sector partners, employer and learner stakeholders