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Skills for Logistics

Foundation Degrees


Foundation Degrees are higher education qualifications that combine academic study with work-based learning.  They are designed to equip people in work with higher level skills essential to improving the competitiveness of their organisations.


Foundation Degrees are university qualifications in their own right.  They are equivalent to the first two years of an honours degree.  On completion of a Foundation degree, it is possible to study towards an honours degree.


Whilst universities and colleges set their own entry requirements, they


For more information Foundation degrees visit www.fdf.ac.uk

are likely to consider work experience, vocational qualifications and other achievements if candidates do not have formal qualifications.


Well known logistics businesses like Dhl Automotive, TNT Express and Royal Mail are now using Foundation Degrees to develop managerial capability within their organisations.

The Foundation Degree Framework


Skills for Logistics worked with industry and higher education representatives to develop a Foundation Degree Framework for the logistics sector.  This framework provides a blueprint for logistics foundation degrees.


Foundation Degrees aim to address skills gaps identified at junior management level within the sector. The qualification equips supervisors and operational managers with skills, knowledge and good practice drawn from logistics work places and from academic models/theories. 


The education sector is encouraged to work with logistics companies to create qualifications and programmes based on this framework in order to help the sector maintain its competitiveness.


The Foundation Degree Recognition Scheme


In response to requests from employers, colleges and universities, a ‘Recognition Scheme’ for Foundation degrees that comply with our framework is now in place.


If you are an employer, employee or educational institution interested in finding out about Foundation Degrees or the Foundation Degree Framework,  please contact us.