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Skills for Logistics

Traffic Office

This page contains information about the Traffic Office qualifications, the NOS that underpin them and the Apprenticeship frameworks that use them.


The Traffic Office (TO) qualification provides employees involved with planning and organising the land transport and movement of goods with a qualification demonstrating they have the skills and knowledge in order to carry out their role to a professional standard.

Qualification Content 

The Level 2 qualification includes 9 mandatory units where the candidate has to demonstrate the ability to contribute to effective working relationships and ensure health & safety procedures are observed in addition to job specific functions such as customer service, planning, routing and the scheduling of deliveries.

At Level 3, the candidate takes forward these skills by forging effective relationships with colleagues and customers, planning the allocation of resources required for specific tasks and monitoring the delivery of goods. This NVQ complements the Certificate in Professional Competence in Road Haulage Operations required for Operators’ license purposes


The Traffic Office (TO) demonstrates to an employer that the employee is capable and competent to do their own job and confirms to the employee that they have a range of flexible skills backed up by a nationally recognised vocational qualification.

Applicable to…

The qualification is for employees who work in roles such as a traffic clerk or are looking to progress into roles such as transport manager.