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Skills for Logistics

Supply Chain Qualifications

This section contains the National Occupational Standards, Qualifications and Apprenticeship frameworks relating to supply chain activities, including supply chain management and logistics operations.



There are two suites of NOS; Logistics Operations and Supply Chain Management. Both suites were updated in 2010

QCF Qualifications

QCF qualifications are available in Logistics Operations at level 2 and 3.
QCF qualifications in Supply Chain Operations (level 2) and Supply Chain Management (levels 3 and 5) are now available.

Chartered Institiute of Purchasing and Supply
In March 2013 CIPS will launch its new ladder of professional qualifications; the ladder will include qualifications to meet the needs of employers and learners from levels 2 through to the CIPS Graduate Diploma at level 6. The new qualification ladder is as a result of a 2 year consultation with many stakeholders.

VQs and CIPS
The Edexcel Supply Chain Management NVQs at levels 4 and 5 are currently recognised by CIPS as a route to a CIPS membership grade, the date for recognition of these qualifications has been extended until 31st December 2013, these qualifications will be withdrawn by Edexcel on this date.

During 2012, CIPS will map the learning outcomes of the new Edexcel QCF qualifications (2013). This will determine if an appropriate membership grade can be awarded. This is planned to be completed by June 2012.  

SCQF Qualifications

SVQs in Supply Chain Management and Logistics Operations are available.

Also available is a National Progression Award (NPA) in Supply Chain operations at SCQF level 5 (equivalent to SVQ Level 2). This enables candidates to develop knowledge and understanding of what supply chain is, how one operates, and the roles and responsibilities of individuals involved. It also develops employability skills for the logistics sector. This qualification is available through schools, colleges and private training providers.



The Skills Funding Agency ceased funding the Purchasing and Supply Apprenticeship at the end of October 2011. This framework used the NVQs in Supply Chain Management. New Supply Chain Management Apprenticeships for England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be available from May 2012 using the new QCF qualifications.

In Scotland, the ‘Freight Logistics’ Modern Apprenticeship Framework contains both Supply Chain Management and Logistics Operations SVQs at level 2 and 3, while the Supply Chain Management Framework contains Supply Chain Management SVQs at levels 4 and 5.

Supply Chain Management

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Logistics Operations

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