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Skills for Logistics

Driving Goods Vehicles

This Apprenticeship is for anyone interested in driving a goods vehicle. Vehicles can range from a bicycle, to a motorcycle, to a van and ultimately to an LGV – a lorry weighing over 7.5 tonnes. Goods vehicle drivers transport and deliver goods between suppliers and customers. You could be travelling across the roads and motorways of the UK and beyond driving an LGV, or you could be doing local deliveries in van, or you could be a cycle or motorcyle courier making deliveries in towns or cities. Goods Vehicle driving is a skilled job, and doing it safely takes work and training.


As an apprentice, you could be involved in transporting goods with pick-ups and multi-drop deliveries. Other duties may include planning schedules and routes, supervising the loading and unloading of cargo, completing paperwork and log books – and, of course, lots of driving.

Goods vehicle drivers need to know the rules of the road and have good time-keeping and planning skills. They can work antisocial hours, often alone, and spend time away from home. But you’ll see the world from behind the wheel.
While this Apprenticeship is open to people aged 16, most employers prefer you to be 18 or older.

Job Role

  • Pedal Cycle Courier
  • Motorcycle Courier
  • Van Driver
  • Rigid LGV Driver
  • Articulated/Draw bar LGV Driver