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Skills for Logistics

Traffic Office

This Apprenticeship concerns planning, scheduling and routing goods that are transported overland. Most of the jobs are in haulage and courier companies – outfits which have large amounts of material to move across the country and beyond. It’s an area that requires serious organisational skills.


As an apprentice, you’ll gain a broad overview of how systems work by carrying out routine tasks within a traffic office, such as managing timetables, planning routes, scheduling loads, and assigning drivers to vehicles. You’ll also be introduced to the commercial aspects of the business by learning about how to quote for services. At all times, a high standard of customer service must be maintained.


For the Advanced Apprenticeship you will be responsible for managing the traffic office, ensuring all staff are properly trained on relevant

computer systems, check vehicle reports and defect sheets, organise

replacement drivers/vehicles as required and ensure the driver rota is

complete. You will aslo be able to use and report on fleet management systems on fuel/vehicle usage

For this sort of work, you’ll need to be good with people and an able communicator. Punctuality, attention to detail and reliability are essential traits, as well as the ability to react quickly to plan alternative solutions if things go wrong.

Job Roles

  • Traffic Office Clerk
  • Traffic Office/Transport Manager