The Professional Development Stairway

The Professional Development Stairway provides a single framework for careers across the Logistics Sector. It works on the simple premise that if you enter the Logistics profession with or without relevant skills at Step 1, what is The Stairway you will need to climb to develop into more senior roles?

For existing logistics employees

If you already work in logistics, find the job you are currently in.  If you visit another logistics category you will see other jobs at the same level.  Your experience and training may be reflected in these other jobs.

If your aim is to look at developing your career you could look at the steps above in the stairway to see what the work and skills are like for roles above your present one.  This activity can be extended beyond the role above your present position, allowing you to develop your own personal stairway through the Logistics Sector.

For those thinking about a career in logistics

If you are thinking about a career in logistics use the “Industry Background” tab to find out about the four logistics categories that make up the PDS.  Moving into one of these categories provides you with the six career levels defined above.  Where you go next depends on your current situation.

School or college leavers and graduates

If you are a school or college leaver you may want to focus on the jobs defined in the Trainee and Operative levels.  However, school or college leavers who have team working and supervisory experience may choose to look for Supervisor level roles.

University graduates can also begin on the Trainee and Operative levels, but can also look at Supervisor and Manager level roles.  In addition, graduates may look for specific Graduate Schemes to enter into the Logistics Sector.  Graduates can use the Logistics Locker to learn more about graduate opportunities within the Logistics Sector.

School and college leavers and graduates may benefit from working their way through the entire Professional Development Stairway to find their pathway through the sector.

Experienced professionals

Depending on your qualifications and career experience you may meet the pre-requisites for working in roles at or above the Supervisor level.

Individuals with significant Senior Manager and Director experience in any sector who are looking for a new challenge may want to focus on the Senior Manager and Director roles.

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