Standard of Excellence Driver CPC

A concern that is often expressed by employers is about the quality of training in the sector. In response to these concerns, Skills for Logistics has developed criteria by which we can endorse and recognise excellent logistics training providers.  

Developed in conjunction with leading logistics employers, the Standard of Excellence will be an invaluable method for employers and individuals to recognise excellent and industry approved training.  

Demonstrate a Commitment to Excellence

Standard of Excellence accreditation is for all providers of logistics training who want to demonstrate their commitment to excellence.  One specific strand of Standard of Excellence that is now available is for Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) training providers.

Does being legal mean training providers are excellent?  

While the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) has the role of ensuring Driver CPC regulations are met, being legal doesn’t necessarily mean that a training provider is ‘excellent’.

Skills for Logistics has developed the endorsement standard alongside employers and providers.  The assessment criteria is based on high quality training and business benefit. A crucial part of the process is a programme of visits to ensure the standard is maintained during the 12 month endorsement period.

Skills for Logistics will maintain a live database of all endorsed training providers.  Training providers will be able to use a kitemark in their marketing to demonstrate to employers that they are delivering high quality, industry endorsed training. 

Training providers can compete on quality, not just price.

Dr Ross Moloney, CEO of Skills for Logistics: “This will not be a mandatory scheme but we know there are many training providers who would like to compete on quality, not just price, and that there are employers and individuals who want more visibility about the standard of training in the sector”.  

”We expect a significant number of the 1,400 approved Driver CPC training centres to engage with the process to see how they measure up against others and to gain the opportunity to examine how to improve their service, in addition to marketing their quality.  While JAUPT recognises you as being legal, Skills for Logistics will endorse you as being excellent.”

Skills for Logistics have developed the assessment criteria with employers and providers. The first accreditations are happening in September 2014.

For more information or to get involved, please contact [email protected]