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Skills for Logistics

Skills Cymru: logistics on show

Skills for Logistics welcomed over 600 visitors to its stand at the recent ‘Skills Cymru’ event held at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

Stephen Kennedy of Skills for Logistics says: “We always knew this was going to be a good event, but it exceeded even our expectations. As the Sector Skills Council for the logistics industries, it gave us a fantastic opportunity to promote the wide range of careers available to young people, and the importance of the sector to our economy in Wales.”

The three-day event boasted 115 exhibitors and was designed to give young people and adults the opportunity to learn more about the huge range of careers, training schemes and educational options available to them across a wide range of industries.

Kennedy adds: “To emphasise the importance of our sector, we asked all our visitors to name one thing they own that had not been carried by the logistics sector, and this really got them thinking. It was great to see so many young people taking an interest in logistics, and we will certainly be participating in similar future events.”

Skills Cymru event pic
(left to right): Richard Brewer, regional manager West Midlands; Lesley Griffiths, Minister; Kyle Williams, Military Prep School Rhymny; Tony Bellia, regional manager, London
Skills Cymru event
The busy stand at Skills Cymru event