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Skills for Logistics

2k Scottish logistics apprenticeships taken up

Skills Development Scotland has funded some 2,000 logistics Modern Apprenticeships over the past 18 months. Chris Campbell, national manager Skills for Logistics in Scotland, believes that this is a record level of funding for the sector and demonstrates that logistics is of major importance within the Scottish government’s economic strategy.

Campbell says: “This outcome is of enormous credit to candidates undertaking Modern Apprenticeships and also to their employers and, of course, the training providers. Our Delivering the Goods for Scotland campaign, backed by the trade associations, ensures that the

sector is being kept to the fore in terms of economic importance and in the need to continue and enhance skills investment support.

“The combination of the current Modern Apprenticeship programme, and the Scottish Road Haulage Modernisation Funding from earlier in the decade, means that around 4,000 logistics personnel have gained Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) within the road freight sector. This constitutes a major step forward in improving professionalism, skills levels and the image of our sector.”

Greg Cejer, Skills for Logistics operations director, says that it is important to recognise that: “The freight logistics industry is absolutely vital to both the economy of Scotland and to the provision of goods and services to the general public and Scottish industry. The sector employs 2.3 million people in the UK, including 167,700 in Scotland, and offers exciting careers in an essential industry which will always be required to deliver the goods.”

➼ Skills for Logistics manages the logistics Modern Apprenticeship scheme in Scotland and future developments presently in the pipeline include a General Logistics Modern Apprenticeship scheme, National Progression Awards and other new projects designed to encourage school-leavers to consider employment within the freight logistics sector.