School/Education Engagement

The Logistics Sector has an aging workforce.   Employers are desperate to attract young people into the sector but the sector suffers from a poor image.  Young People often don’t consider Logistics as a career of first choice or think it’s just driving or warehouse work and low paid jobs.  Research shows that the term ‘logistics’ is misunderstood by almost two thirds of 14-19 year olds.  

To tackle this problem, Skills for Logistics and partners have developed a range of free to use Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) resources for use by the sector, schools, colleges and providers. To access these please click on the following links:



Local Delivery

Skills for Logistics is doing much more than providing resources.  We are helping logistics businesses to actively engage with schools and the wider education sector in their locality.  With our dedicated support and guidance we are helping the sector to:

 Key achievements so far include:

“It is essential that logistics employers continue to work with schools, colleges and universities to let young people know about the exciting career opportunities that exist in the Logistics Sector”.

Chris Dolby, Learning & Development Manager, Norbert Dentressangle


For more information or to get involved, please contact us at [email protected]