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Skills for Logistics

Resources for Managers

Resources for Managers has been created to provide information on various products and services available to managers in the logistics sector.  The ‘Logistics Skills Onion’ has been used to organise these resources.

The ‘Skills Onion’ was developed to summarise the depth and extent of the sector for those seeking to design logistics management programmes

Click on ‘The Onion’ to find a list of resources that could help you improve the productivity and viability of your organisation.


The resources listed do not include information on sector specific job roles, qualifications and training programmes. This information is available on Stairway Live.  For additional information on Stairway Live, please contact  John Bowman –
[email protected]

Additional Resources


This Web site has links to other agencies, and private organisations. The inclusion of these links does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Skills for Logistics of the information, products, or services contained therein.

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