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Skills for Logistics

TQS Assessment Process

The process sets out a robust, objective approach to assessing an organisation’s performance against the assessment framework, which results in a score sufficiently consistent to inform comparisons between an organisation’s performance, and to distinguish between those worthy and unworthy of certification.

Furthermore, the assessment process ensures that organisations get valuable input from the experience, which can contribute to their continuing improvement and development.

To ensure rigour, the process is application-based; every organisation compiles an application describing its strategy, approaches and results against the indicators set out in the assessment framework. This application takes a narrative form, and (if it is to be successful in pursuing the prospect of certification) should be built by evidence statements, rather than anecdotes and assertions.

Following submission, the application goes through the following steps:

  • Assessment

  • Verification

  • Validation

  • Moderation

  • Feedback