Petroleum Driver Passport

The Petroleum Driver Passport is an industry initiative backed by government to ensure all tanker drivers in the UK are trained and assessed to a consistent, high standard. It has been created by the Downstream Oil Distribution Forum – a partnership of employers, industry bodies and trades unions.

How does the PDP Work?

The PDP has been designed to fit in with existing industry training and be delivered alongside ADR. The PDP training and assessment module will cover the specifics of the petroleum sector. The PDP will be renewed on the same five year cycle as ADR with annual refresher training and include both classroom and practical assessment.

Who manages the PDP?

The PDP has been developed by and is owned by the Downstream Oil Distribution Forum. The Forum have appointed Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) who already manage ADR scheme, to manage the PDP.

What are the Benefits of the PDP? 

For futher information please go to the Petroleum Driver Passport website


Petroleum Driver Passport and Driver CPC Periodic Training