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Skills for Logistics

Zone 2: Operational Functions


Professional standards and training for the removals industry.  BAR provides information, advice and guidance for movers and their customers. Represents member’s interests.

British Association of Removers
Information, advice and guidance for the UK international freight services industry.  BIFA promotes good practice and total quality in the provision of freight services.  Represents member’s interests.

British International Freight Association

Free resources on the freight industry.  Covers topics such as saving fuel, developing skills, equipment and systems, performance management,  multi-modal


Freight Best Practice 
Research, information, and education for the food and grocery industry.

Professional standards, education, training, mentoring and consultancy in international trade management and export practice. The Institute of Export is a membership organisation.

Institute of Export
Professional guidance, representation and a discussion forum for organisations that provide warehousing and other logistics support services in the supply chain.  UK Warehousing Association is a membership organisation.

UK Warehousing Association
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