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Skills for Logistics

Mail and Package Distribution

This Apprenticeship deals with the collection, processing and delivery of mail. Mail and package distribution accounts for roughly 9% of the total workforce within the Logistics industry. While Royal Mail is the largest employer (with more than 200,000 employees), there are many other specialist mail and package distribution providers as well. In fact, some organisations, such as local authorities and health trusts, rely on their own internal postal system.


On this Apprenticeship, you could be driving a van to collect and distribute post; sorting letters or packages in a mail processing centre; or out delivering the letter or parcels, by foot, bicycle, motorcycle or light van.

You’ll learn skills like how to plan routes, how to handle and sort post, and how to process mail using automated systems. There are also opportunities to become a manager or supervisor at various stages of the process, whether it’s in the sorting office or keeping tabs on a fleet of vehicles.

You may need to work anti-social hours in this industry, so you’ll need to be punctual and reliable; but it’s an important service with plenty of job satisfaction.

Job Roles

  • Mail Centre Operative
  • Distribution Operative
  • Delivery Operative
  • Package Delivery Operative or Courier
  • Package Distribution Operative