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Skills for Logistics

Implementation Specialist

JOB TITLE:                            Implementation Specialist


SALARY:                               £35-40k depending on experience


REPORTS TO:                      Relevant Programme Manager


BASED:                                 UK, but with regular travel to MK and hotpots across the UK





Under the strategic direction of the Chair, Board, and Chief Executive, and in response to our successful bids for EIF and National Skills Academy funding, Skills for Logistics is reorganising and building capability better to serve logistics employers and achieve sustainability by 2014.


Key to the reorganisation is the intention to embed disciplines associated with project and programme management into SfL culture and practise. The delivery of each Programme will be through a number of projects – sometimes running in parallel, sometimes sequentially, through the life of that Programme. Each project will need a multi-disciplinary team to deliver it and these teams are likely to differ between projects.


To meet this challenge, we will run with a pool of in-house technical specialists in each of the following four functions:

  • Skills
  • Research
  • Implementation
  • Administration.


One person from each project team will be designated the Project Manager for the duration of the life of that project, according to the main specialist focus of that project.



Job Outline


As an Implementation Specialist with SfL you will be responsible for achieving targets which ensure the work of SfL makes a difference in the real world.  This means that you will work across the sector to deliver impactful skills solutions, on time and to quality, thus raising the productivity of the UK workforce.  In this sense, you will be on the front line of solution delivery.  


Key Responsibilities and outcomes


·         Achieving active, practical and effective contribution from key stakeholders in order to deliver the impacts identified in the EIF2 bid.

·         Achieving active, practical and effective engagement from employers in logistics hotspots across the UK in order to deliver the impacts identified in the EIF2 bid.

·         Implementing key solutions proposed under the four work programmes and other work streams.

·         Working effectively as part of project teams to deliver the contracted outcomes on time and to budget.

·         Securing the necessary input from employers and sector stakeholders for future bids, including both ‘in-kind’ and cash contributions as necessary.


Peer Relationships


·         Other technical specialists across the organisation including: Skills, Research, Administration and other Implementation Specialists.  

·         Relevant managers and influencers in external stakeholder organisations such as Trade Associations, Professional Institutes and Trades Unions.




Skills and Abilities


·         Have excellent business development skills with strong communication and organisational skills.

·         Have excellent customer engagement skills.

·         Be accustomed to working in a challenging and ever growing environment.

·         Evidenced experience of delivering against targets.

·         Aware of the importance of using market intelligence and working with the relevant specialists to ensure that products and services meet the needs of the industry.

·         Insight into and experience of the Logistics Sector and the skills world.

·         Experience of working with others to deliver ambitious targets.

  • Have an excellent passion for the industry and the self-motivation to deliver to targets.
  • Have excellent presentation skills


Qualifications & Experience

·         Demonstrate customer engagement skills leading to successful long term relationship.

·         First degree or equivalent.

·         Evidence of achievement of financial and business development targets.

·         Minimum of 5 years’ evidenced experience in a client facing role.


It is an exciting time for Skills for Logistics due to the work programmes we are undertaking. The organisation  is currently looking to recruit a  number of new positions. If you are interested in any of these roles then please forward a covering letter and CV in the first instance to the H R Manager  at

Skills for Logistics

unit 12

Warren Yard

Milton Keynes

MK12 5NW

or email [email protected].

Thank you