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Skills for Logistics

TQS Assessment Framework

The assessment framework sets out a series of criteria and indicators for assessing a providers quality and capability. Each indicator is defined by an evaluative Indicator Statement. These criteria and indicators are arranged into two parts:

Part A…

This looks at an organisation’s customer service process to explore how well it understands and responds to employers’ needs. Assessment against Part A is the first step for all organisations seeking Training Quality Standard certification, and looks at the whole of the organisation that employers might find themselves working with.

Part B…

This part looks very specifically at the sector areas a provider might seek to develop expert products and services for, to explore how well it understands and responds to the specific market area. Assessment against Part B can look at an organisation’s quality and capability in delivering to a wide range of specific sectors.

Part B is the key indicator that identifies a provider is able to offer relevant, quality training and development solutions to our industry. As such, Skills for Logistics was heavily involved in the development of the Part B Standard to ensure it delivered a robust and rigorous framework to make sure only the best providers receive certification.

Each Sector Skills Council has been involved in the development of the Part B for their sector and Skills for Logistics is proud to say it was one of the first to develop their Part B. We believe it will provide employers with an assurance that they will receive a first class service.