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Skills for Logistics is the Sector Skills Council for the UK’s freight logistics industries.
We are licensed by Government to tackle the skills and productivity needs of employers in our sector.


The journey of an MP3 player – new curriculum resource

The Delivering your future programme – funded by the trustees of the Road Haulage and Distribution Training Council* and managed by Skills for Logistics – has developed ‘Made in China,’ a new curriculum resource for schools, aimed at 14 to 16 year olds.

‘Made in China’ is an online resource, which has been designed to support Mathematics and Enterprise in the curriculum, using as its context, the process of transporting MP3 players from where they are made, in China, to where they are sold in the UK.  It is free to use and can be found at www.madeinchinaresources.co.uk

‘Made in China’ introduces students, teachers and careers advisors to the world of logistics, and as a result thousands of young people from across the United Kingdom will be able to learn about our dynamic sector through their maths lessons and enterprise events.

We are grateful for any feedback you may have at this stage. Please contact: Lesley Broadwood at: L[email protected] to provide your feedback.

* The Delivering your future programme is funded by the Road Haulage and Distribution Training Council, whose trustees are: the British Association of Removers; the Freight Transport Association and the Road Haulage Association.