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TQS – Employer information

The Training Quality Standard provides employers with an assurance that the organisation they engage with will deliver a professional service and delivery quality training and development solutions.

Key Features…

The Training Quality Standard is… 

Which means that…

Focused exclusively on the employer experience.

The Standard’s assessment framework makes no mention of funding rules or other concerns that the LSC has in managing the training providers it funds. Instead, it has a set of criteria that explore their capability and performance in meeting employers’ needs.


Robust, evidence-driven, and able to distinguish between high and low quality.

The Standard distinguishes between high and low quality, and certification has already been denied to a number of organisations because they could not provide evidence that they met its requirements.


Insistent that organisations should measure the satisfaction and impact of their services, and that certification should only be given where customers support it.

The Standard’s assessment framework requires organisations to show that their services generate employer impact and satisfaction, and to submit their application to validation by their own customers, if they are to be successful.


Open to all organisations, with certification given only to the best.

The Standard is concerned which organisations can deliver high quality training and development solutions to employers in whatever form they take, and regardless of their links to public programmes. What matters is, what they achieve for employers.


A lasting development to improve the working of the marketplace.

The Standard and the arrangements for its ownership and operation have been designed to keep it focused on raising the quality of training for years to come, rather than “just another initiative”. The Standard badge should be on that employers can trust and respect as a good choice in buying training and development solutions.


A driver for continued improvement in the quality of training and development solutions.

The Standard is not just a one-off hurdle that organisations achieve and then forget about. Every organisation is given a score that they can use to compare their approaches with others; and scoring levels are determined by accepted levels of good practice. As achieving the Standard drives up capability and performance, we can expect the required level of performance for certification to gradually but continuously increase.