DCPC Deadline: Logistics Sector Keeps On Trucking

In the last 5 years, an incredible 24 million periodic hours have been logged, 797,577 drivers (PCV & HGV) are active in Driver CPC and 564,381 drivers have obtained their DQC through successfully completing their periodic training (DVSA figures to July 2014).

Available figures report July being the busiest month and reports from training providers indicate that August and the first 10 days of September have seen a rush of drivers enquiring about DCPC courses.

In order to retain a DCPC after the deadline on the 10 September 2014 and continue to drive professionally for the next five years after this date, commercial LGV drivers must have completed 35 hours of approved periodic training.

Approved periodic training can only be delivered by organisations and training providers approved by the Joint Approvals Unit Periodic Training (JAUPT) www.jaupt.org.uk

Detailed guidance, reports, consultations and further news about the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)can be found on the www.gov.uk website.