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Skills for Logistics

Commercial Moving

Removals operatives move office and other furniture and goods to new premises or into storage. Their work may include European or worldwide relocations, as well as local or national moves. They may also be required to move items into storage rather than into new premises.


After receiving instructions at base, removals operatives travel with the removal truck to collect the items. A team leader liaises with the customer and confirms which items are to be moved or stored. Sometimes specialist packers from the removal firm go to the site a day or two before the move to wrap and pack delicate items.


Removals operatives may have to start early, finish late or work at weekends to fit in with the customers’ needs. Long-distance moves may involve nights away from home. Moving furniture involves a lot of walking, bending and lifting and is hard, physical work.


Removals operatives need:

  • to be physically fit

  • good practical skills

  • to be able to get on with customers from all backgrounds

  • to work well as a member of a team and be able to follow instructions

  • an honest and responsible attitude to other people’s property.


Job Roles

  • Porter/packer

  • Specialist/fine art packer

  • Estimator/surveyor

  • Driver/packer and unpacker

  • Office remover