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TQS – Achieving Certification

Certification is granted to an organisation where its moderated assessment score exceeds 55% of the available points, and the Certification Body conducting the assessment is therefore satisfied that the organisation has demonstrated the strategy, approaches and results that can give an employer confidence it will offer them a high quality training experience.

Except where it is granted with conditions requiring a follow-up after one year, certification lasts for a three year period. There are two main restrictions. First, an organisation maintains certification on the basis that it adheres to a Code of Conduct, codifying the principles of the Standard and its basic conditions for eligibility.

Second, an organisation may be required to submit it reassessment if it is subject to sweeping change – for example, if it is involved in a merger or takeover. Beyond these restrictions, once an organisation receives certification, it has the security to focus on its own improvement priorities, telling its story again only after its three years are complete.

Having achieved certification, provided that an organisation does not violate those two rules, it will be free to promote itself using the Training Quality Standard logo, and to identify that it has "excellence in" any areas of expertise for which it has been certificated.