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Skills for Logistics

Zone 1: Business Support Functions


Project management qualifications, accredited training, research, publications and events.  Association for Project Management is a membership body.

Association for Project Management
Good practice in the management and development of people. Personnel and Development qualifications, training courses, publications and conferences. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is a professional membership body.
The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
Supporting, engaging and challenging companies on responsible business in four main areas: Community, Environment, Marketplace and Workplace.  BITC is a membership organisation The organisation has a membership of more than 850 companies. .
Business in the Community
Advice and support on practical ways to minimise waste, reduce environmental impact increase profits. Free government-supported consultation.
Practical advice, publications, interest-free loans, and on-site surveys to help organisations of all sizes to cut their energy bills and carbon emissions.
Carbon Trust

Guidance, tools and  information on sustainability. Case studies showing how organisations integrate sustainability into their strategy and operations. Tools to assist in embedding sustainability into the decision making process.

Sustainability at Work

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How to manage your supply chains responsibly




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