Apprenticeships in England

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If you have any questions or queries relating to these frameworks please contact [email protected]

 Click here to download the Employee Rights and Responsibilities Workbook which will assist apprentices in completing the L2 QCF Award In Employee Rights & Responsibilities in the Logistics Industry, which is required in all the frameworks. 

Due to the Apprenticeship, Schools and Children Act 2009 (ASCL  Act), which was enacted on the 6th April 2011, apprentices must now apply for their own certificates. However, it can be done through a third party such as a training provider with the permission from the apprentice.

Click ACE Apprentice Declaration form V3 to download the form that has been provided for third parties to use to obtain this permission. This completed form must be uploaded on to the ACE Online system along with the other evidence in order to request a certificate for the Apprentice. The V3 form is mandatory from 1st March 2014, but if a V2 form had been signed prior to this but the claim is made after 1st March it will be accepted. Either the V2 or V3 form must be uploaded when applying for certification

From 19th December 2013, Employee Rights and Responsibilities and Personal Learning & Thinking Skills no longer require separate evidence to be uploaded. When applying for certification on ACE you will be required to tick a box confirming these have been completed and evidence of completion id held on the apprentices file. For Logistics frameworks, there is still a requirement for the apprentice to complete the QCF L2 Award in Employee Rights and Responsibilities in the Logistics Sector, even though the certificate does not have to be uploaded.

NOTE: Certificates requested through ACE will cost £22 each.


NOTE CONCERNING KEY SKILL PROXYS : The  ‘old’ list of proxys such as adult literacy & numeracy or GCSE Maths/English Grade D-G that could be used in place of the Key Skill test in the old blueprint frameworks CANNOT be used for apprentices registered on the new SASE frameworks. There is a list of ‘options’ within each of the SASE frameworks which states which alternative qualifications can be used for the Key Skills and these are alternatives for the whole of the Key Skill. Proxys to use in place of the Key Skills Test do not exist in SASE frameworks. 

For a full list of the acceptable transferable skills for SASE frameworks click here