Ease of Use

The design and layout of this site takes into account the needs of visually impaired users. The EIBS website is compatible with a wide range of screen reading software and can be navigated using just a keyboard.

When using a URL link on this site, please be aware that all internal links (links that go to another page of the EIBS site) will open in the same window. All external links (links that lead to another website) will open in a new window


World Wide Web consortium (W3C) compliance

The HTML on the EIBS website conforms to WAI AA rating.


Access Keys

This site includes “Access Keys” to assist users with disabilities navigate their way through the site. Access keys are keyboard shortcuts the allow users to navigate to common pages without the use of a mouse.


How to use access keys

Below you will find instructions on how to use Access Keys based on the browser you use.


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Increasing text size

You may find this site easier to read by increasing the size in which text is displayed in your browser. To do this, select one of the text size options from the top right corner of any page