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NO FOOD in the supermarket. NO MEDICINE in the cabinet. NO PETROL at the pumps.

A functional Logistics Sector is central to UK economic success. All aspects of the economy rely heavily on professional logistics and supply chain operations. If logistics doesn't work, the economy doesn't work.

Skills for Logistics: Our Core Vision

To deliver the best skilled and most productive logistics workforce in the world by delivering three key objectives: 

Attract. Develop. Support.

Skills for Logistics is operating in a changing world. 

There is reduced funding for skills and an emphasis on skills for employment, particularly for young people, a continued drive towards Apprenticeships and a move towards local delivery. 

Skills for Logistics has recently refocused into an organisation that is sure-footed in representing the Logistics Sector's voice; one that understands its needs and is able to deliver impact.   

Skills for Logistics has defined a Core Vision:  

ATTRACT new recruits into the Logistics Sector. 
solutions which enable people to progress their careers. 
SUPPORT employers and individuals as they engage with and reform the skills system. 

Using our Core Vision, our professional team of experts will deliver, measure the impact and report against our defining principles of Attract, Develop and Support. 
Attract Develop Support Infographic