Recruitment progress tracking

One of the difficulties with recruitment campaigns for small companies is keeping track of all the applications and making sure each candidate is properly handled. (In large companies the responsibility for this rests with the Personnel Department and they have professional systems in place to manage it. Small companies don't have that luxury.)

The reason for having a candidate tracking system in place is that it helps you to be organised. At any point in time you'll know the status of each candidate

Additionally in the event of your recruitment process becoming subject to outside scrutiny, you'll be able to demonstrate a professional and well-run recruitment campaign.

A simple candidate tracking system can be set up on an Excel spreadsheet. If you prefer, a paper version of the spreadsheet can be printed and you can maintain it manually. This way you can staple it to the front of your recruitment file. Excel and .PDF versions are available in the Downloads section below.

The type of information you need to record in your spreadsheet includes:

Candidate name

Date application received and code to indicate method. (For example, E for email, P for postal delivery.)

Date application acknowledged.

Date interview arranged.

Interview date.

Further actions. (There may be several columns for this, for example, second interviews or driving test outcome.)

Rejection date.

You also need to make a decision about communication methods in the recruitment campaign.

It's cheaper and quicker to run things by email or telephone, rather than writing letters to candidates (though you may have no choice but to send out letters if a candidate doesn't have email.) Consequently interview arrangements are best organised by email or phone.

However, when it comes to rejecting candidates, a formal letter is generally more acceptable.

Downloads to view and print

Click here to download an Excel spreadsheet for tracking your recruitment campaign.

Click here to download a .PDF file to keep a written track of candidates progress.